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Want to pursue a career in the Television & Movie Business as an Actor but don’t know how or where to start? Or maybe you have already started but feel stuck or as if you are spinning your wheels?

Our Platform Can Help You

We educate you on the business of acting and provide you with an essential step by step instructional template to help you become a working actor. You will feel empowered, encouraged and confident in your ability to navigate the road ahead on your acting career journey.
My name is Robert Ventura, I began pursuing acting as a career back around 2004 when there was NOT many resources on what to do or how to get started (in the business) and faced many years of obstacles pitfalls and disappointments trying to learn everything on my own through trial and error.

The industry has come along way over the years thanks to the power of the internet. It’s NOT about who you know anymore it’s about what you know and your desire to achieve it. If you want to become a working actor in television & movies I have put all of the knowledge that I have acquired over the past 16+ years into a low cost effective program to help you kickstart your acting career.
Description: A membership based program providing education digital tools & resources to help actors develop, market, brand & professionally showcase all in one place.
What We Cover (but not limited to)
• Discuss your Acting Career Goals
• Review/Discuss headshots, resume, demo-reel, links, etc. (any acting content you have)
• Actor Portfolio Overview/Setup Assistance
• Acting Business Q&A from A-to-Z
Program Duration: 2 Hours (Intensive)
+ Ongoing Guidance & Support

Available Time-Slots (via Zoom)
(3 actor limit per time-slot)
MON: [10-12]  [1‐3]  [4-6]  [7-9]
TUE: [10-12]  [1‐3]  [4-6]  [7-9]
WED: [10-12]  [1‐3]  [4-6]  [7-9]
THURS: [10-12]  [1‐3]  [4-6]  [7-9]
FRI: [10-12]  [1‐3]  [4-6]  [7-9]
SAT: [10-12]  [1‐3]  [4-6]  [7-9]
Membership Program Enrollment Cost
$99/1 time + $12/month No Contract, Cancel Anytime, 100% Commission FREE, Tax Deductible

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